Monday, November 5, 2012

Comenius project "Learning by Eating"

The aim of the project is to promote students awareness of the benefits of healthy, self-sufficient lifestyle. The focus on healthy lifestyle aims at deepening students’ understanding of what benefits proper nutrition, food culture and traditions as well as practical survival skills. Overall wellness strengthens students` motivation and concentration at school which leads to increased learning capacity in aspects of both - mental and physical health.
Six countries are involved in the project activities. The title of the project “Learning by Eating” reveals how food culture influences every single individual. Within the framework of the project the participants will gain more knowledge and experience on how ecological, economic and cultural aspects and traditions effect sustainable life in each country involved. Participants will also learn about table manners, etiquette, traditions of the other nations related to food, food production and preparation , serving and eating. Students participate in various educational activities both in class and during excursions, which enhance their theoretical and practical knowledge and skills both within framework of academic and professional education.
Cultural exchange is an inseparable component of the project.
All participants will collaborate and thus create an “European COMENIUS Cook Book” containing photos, translations of recipes in 7 languages (EN, LV, DE, FI, DK, BG, PL), a project blog will also be developed and the activities of the project implementation reflected on galleries, documents, videos etc.
Results of the project will be shared with other people providing them with inspiration and motivation. Partners’ common- European values and identity will be highlighted and strengthened.

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